movie and show review sets!

New announcement to my readers! will soon be making movie and public show reviews available to you directly! More family friendly products will also become available. The review “sets” will each be in downloadable, PDF format, purchasable via the company site. Each set will feature about 5 show (or movie) reviews at a time, and will be available for purchase from directly! The write ups will be published at irregular times; they will be my expert reaction to market tendencies of product available. That is a factor of my selection. These careful selections will allow you to filter out many unworthy works of film. Reviews will be based on careful consideration of content as it is presented by trailers and other public conditions, with prudence that you deserve. The goal is not to get you to rush the theaters. Rather, the write ups will be intended for those of you who might find something that you have missed or not even heard about. These sets will expose some of my taste, but will also aid those of you who already enjoy using “Net Flix” services and similar services – “second” run. And, for those of you who have the opportunity to see a public performance that runs again. For questions, send an email, and visit the site for future developments! Based on sales figures reflecting your support and enthusiasm, this service will continue!

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