The right to share, not the mandate

This writing is on the topic of speaking about one’s health [this past May, actress and good-will ambassador Angelina Jolie and her family has]
Her [Angelina’s] breast operation commenced presumably at the suggestion of her physician and also her self described knowledge of family gene history. I believe that she embraced her affliction and made a wise choice to mitigate risk of premature death.
Prompted after this, by what seems to be the supposition of some people after this news [at this very moment], to become power brokers for the rest of us by using private health histories of certain people, I write this. I don’t agree with that agenda if that’s the direction we are being led.
Glenn Close and others are right now engaging in talks about mental illness to our government. A little bit of background for you to give this context… unlike breast cancer, there is some real stigmata with cases that concern mental health. I argue that some shape and degree of mental illness afflicts more Americans than statistics accurately show… sure, it would be national embarrassment to have to admit that we are making ourselves sick. Mental illness is not the head of the snake, rather violations of conscience are.
Having personal health records stolen and divulged for public discourse, is worse than stigmata – it is a violation. Voluntary testimony that a person gives to the public, is contrary, and fully acceptable. That is not exploitation. It happens in a friendly and organic way, while respecting the throngs of individuals out there who wish to simply not shout it out from the roof tops. And, I assure you they can manage and function quite well in honorable humility.
Unfortunately, today, too many people still do not trust that doctors and support groups are doing enough already, to treat their patients. I believe that is because a greater threat poisons the well of communities – violations of conscience concerning issues of privacy. And there are gross examples of consequences to this, every day in our news.
Stigmata occur when blame is cast onto a place where blame is misplaced and left free to proliferate.
I would like to recommend something here. Press scientific researchers to release information about certain illnesses that they have been decades slow to illuminate, in America. Share that data in books. I don’t believe that mental illness is too hard to understand, or beyond the scope of scientific help, any more than epilepsy, cancer, headaches, obesity, or HIV are. Modern medicines today effectively combat depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and mania. That is a fact. The results show success every day. So too has the Special Olympics demonstrated [clearly for many years] that exercise and social inclusion helps even significantly cognitive impaired persons live happier lives. How about that?
In defense of the fringe subjected to persecution, I advocate these two points:
1. pleading the 5th when the public pressures YOU to release YOUR private records
2. care about your health, and discuss health strategy as needed with your physician, privately.
After all, the goal should be to improve wellness; not to augment poor health.
I would hate to live in a world where no body’s business is theirs, but yours.

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