Is Syria’s fate the next battleground for the United State’s government? A US military spokesperson has assured us that the answer to that question is no and has advised the president Obama..

This article that I point you to: Why the article is dated May 10, 2015, (I’m not exactly sure, since it’s currently July of 2013).

Which groups of fighters are terrorists, in Syria today?
Is the attempted coup, led by rebels, a justified action? Is government militia acting justifiably (assuming either group can be seen as doing so)?

This ABC news article I recommend to you, answered some of my questions; and, hopefully it suffice to say that journalists have succeeded in delivering the message out from Syria to us.

Yes, the USA has been at war with Al Qaeda for over a decade.
American’s would be hard pressed asked now to suddenly accept Al Qaida as a justified force to truce with; even before the blood
of the wounded and killed has yet had time to dry.

Is that what we’re being asked to do? Is that even sane?

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