Scandal in security. Crimes few can understand?

I assure you that Edward Snowden has made up his own mind, the day he
signed the asylum documents in Moscow.

I doubt very much that Edward wants his father, in the US, writing letters of appeal to the US government.

How to pilfer your son’s freedom? Here’s the prime example of how to muck up your son’s chances to live out his choice. Edward obviously is not interested in negotiating to return.

I think if the late Michael Jackson were alive today, he would relate to Snowden on a certain level.
In Michael’s case, he was eventually degraded to death. Sure he was loved by so many of us for his musical talent… but it was mostly for his ability to entertain, touch our hearts, and above all…
to generate proceeds for vermin, and yes… true… also for honest individuals. I’m sure he had his opinion as to who the vermin were, just like Charlie Sheen had his publicly spoken opinions about that too in his life. For speaking his mind, Charlie entertained and prifited as well.

As for Bradley Manning, I have no idea what will happen with him.
I’m sure the courts will decide at some point, once they’ve lined up all their arguments. As for a quick and speedy trial… well it’s already
long overdue, and we want that trial now… all of us who are spied on in our homeland.

The late Trayvon Martin.. a murder victim like we see all too frequently – proves that no race nor creed can exempt us from the grip of deadly force.
Not much soul searching was required of me to come to that conclusion.
No justice, no peace, were the words I heard called out in the streets from my brothers and sisters who rightfully care about him and community safety.
Kelly Thomas… may you rest in peace with Trayvon.

What is this country evolving towards?
Scandal and corruption abound… people dying. But God is not done with our country yet.
The world has changed forever.

Can you blame a brother for wanting to leave our country, in search of his heart’s desire? Whatever the reason?
Ed stated being tired of the weight upon his conscience- caring for
the privacy of his brothers and sisters… seeing the broad scope of domestic spying as unbalanced and too extreme. And, just recently the Congress voted against striking down or reigning in that massive surveilance. So, obviously, in hind sight, Edward pre-empted quite wisely, given
that he objects to the former core mission of the NSA that paid for his service up to the last date he was employed.

Maybe you’ll be better off in Russia Ed… if it weren’t welcoming, you’d already have been sent back to the US within the last 4 weeks. And Vladimir Putin would have not given it a second thought as you entered as a civilian. Actor Gerard Depardieu had no problem fleeing to Russia. Why the double standard readers?
Because, Ed makes the US look bad, such as Bradley Manning does, or Occupy. Wikileaks probably most so.

If you are forced to return to the US, Edward, we’ll all hear some compromised stories; and, your life will probably be more tolerable than before… by virtue of your retirement alone.

As for now, you are a salmon, fighting against all odds for your dream, not someone else’s. Good luck to you.
Even if one disagree with you, call you a traitor and so forth, there are those around the world who are inspired in a way similar to that of the young woman who spoke recently at the UN; strongly, against her persecutors in the Muslim world.
Bravery takes many shapes and forms, is not always understood, and it spreads to all four corners. You can be certain of that.

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