basic health insurance

If California health insurance companies are truly prohibited from denying health plans to applicants who have “pre-existing” conditions, more people would have already enrolled in insurance and not been denied.
In truth, many were refused coverage, because of their “pre-existing” condition. These “pre-existing conditions” pay physicians for their services, but the insurance companies are concerned about their underwriters, profits and liability.
Thus far it is widely believed that plans exclude certain protections for health treatment, and premiums may go up. So, why should these applicants believe anything that “Obama-Care” promises them?? We’re seeing that they don’t.
So if health plan registration becomes imposed, most people will pay for it if they have to, or pay a fine. But that does not speak to quality health care for all people, does it? No. Which is why, even more important than having a health plan, is living a healthy life. I guess that the goal is to live a healthy life, and to also get a health plan that is right for you.

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