Egypt 2

For those of my readers who are unclear about where to stand with regard to what’s happening in Egypt, I too am having a difficult time sorting through the journals.

And, it has been reported that “Egyptians have lived under a police state”.

I believe that ousted leaders should not resume post.

Who poses a greater danger to Christian and Jewish minorities in Egypt?

It does not appear to me that the military has any intentions of killing Christians or Jews. For this reason alone, without many facts, the choice appears clear to me.

I’ll look for news about how Christians are treated there.
They resemble [to me] a group who must survive, like Jews who have been able to survive [in post war] Germany to date.

Those of us who can help the Egyptians through policy and big money, should try to figure out whether the military can provide more stability for them than the other groups.

As for weapons embargos, yes, a wise decision.

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