Thoughts about nihilism. Alive and well?

When one looks to leader(s) to properly govern, one can lose heart and lose faith that good will prevail. Years of disillusionment can cause social ills. But, that is no reason to give up. Unfortunately, many of us people turn towards one another and revile, in a climate that buckles under crime and injustice. Before you speak against one another, take care to know why. We should also be mindful that we should seek God’s forgiveness if we are falsely directing anger.
I recently looked up a word that in past years has jumped in to my consciousness from time to time. It is a word that I heard, without knowing its definition. I kind of knew what it meant, but now I really do.
If there are any “masterminds” among us [of course none greater than the Lord Himself], they / we are most certainly not self-made, no, rather inspired to protect the weak, or conversely, [sadly] inspired to counter malicious politicking. So what am I getting at? I’m inspired at this moment in this way, by the definition of this word that popped in to my head. And I’m particularly proud of having been moved to think about this word. The word is nihilism.
This is relevant. Nihilism is “a skepticism which denies that anything, even existence, can be known; doctrine of a former extreme party in Russia, who aimed to destroy the then existing institutions and found a new order of things, with communistic rights of land and property.”
Why do I mention this? I do, because after years’ internal ideological clashes, there is belief that should not be celebrated or permitted. We have permitted totalitarianism and nihilism to co-exist, applied out of “conveniences” for the particular argument. It’s a dangerous cocktail, supported further by continued unrighteous living. Worse, all these philosophies are being perceived still by many as normal when in fact this is not natural for humans.
Let us not get caught in the rip tide. Embrace progressive ideas that reform injustice and tyranny, yes! But, go not seek to tear down every human attempt at creating order and harmony that exercise clear boundaries and prudence. Reject bad ideas, yes, but not good ones. Allow progressive ideas to flourish, and do NOT strike them down out of fear, greed, jealousy, or, worst… nihilism.

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