red and blue

The animated video I posted previously in writings, mirrored the temporary satisfaction felt by a socialist movement and national rebellion against traditionally right social values. It became justified, in numbers, as an attack against corporate greed. In this spirit, the president won his election just before. He even managed to save banks and large corporations while the occupy movement paid a large price in its rebellions. Capitalism has its gluttons, but the left is no inoculation. Spreading materialistic ideology among more people, does not fix the sin. When the very food supply is manipulated by trading impulse and corporate will, a republican or a democrat executive in one country, must have the support of many countries, in order to satisfy mass hunger. I chuckle at the thought that a video might have been animated characterizing Ms. Palin and former US president Jimmy Carter vs. one another, had Ms. Palin been elected US president. Would Ms. Palin have been the Reagan of the 21st century? Would Mr. Carter have been the voice of reason in this animated video? Since posting that video, we have all witnessed problems emerging in the democratic monopoly. If we look at one example of what has changed in terms of compromised values, it used to be that the left opposed war, generally. That too has changed.

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