response to Ed Royce

California-elected representative Ed Royce made his case to America, in speech today addressing the nation, that there are those “accountable for Vladimir Putin”. Specifically, he spoke of “unofficial persons”. Because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would define that as “anyone” who is not concerned about Mr. Putin and thereby “orchestrating Mr. Putin’s strategy”. What a convenient strategy… to lay the groundwork with which to ram through policies based on paranoia that is. Since I do not order troops to advance or withdraw… as it is not my decision to make, this speech of his, sounded strangely and chilling familiar to me as a US citizen; a means of suppressing and disregarding any opinion that differs from the lawmaker(s) with regard to US strategy with the EU. In the US among us, such “all-encompassing” inflammatory talk resembles the similar device that was used by president Bush in the past. Although specific to terrorism in that case, the rhetoric was effective in silencing “anyone” who may have feared being gone after, defined as such a “sympathizer”; even if in truth, little more than someone who disagreed with the policy. If you were to poll Americans regarding every international political matter that US involves with, almost everyone would be a “sympathizer” to oppositional forces every single day whether you talk about Arab Israeli issues, European issues, or a host of domestic issues.
Such comment referenced, made by George Bush, was something to the effect of “you’re either with the terrorists or your with us”. Just to be clear here, in Mr. Royce’s speech today, Ed Royce from my state clearly stated this morning (paraphrased) that Vladimir “intends on moving in troops toward Georgia and other regions”. Further he said, “that we in the US have self-inflicted sanctions by not trading with Europe earlier.” Why the delay? We’re we waiting for Russia to invade Alaska? I think it’s quite clear that no American can be in lockstep with the many unwanted and unpopular motives of the government as opposed to the interests of common Americans.
In truth, trade with Europe stalled earlier, when the NSA affair caused reason to re-evaluate bilateral intentions. Is that Russia’s fault too? No, that however was unintended consequence and self-inflicted pain on part of America. Call it collateral damage on the self.

Also this morning broadcast, was a US Dakotan who asked a good question: “Why would our president allow the keystone pipeline to sit for months upon months, when he can authorize it now, and open up fuel trade, bi-atlantic?” He also pointed out that Canada has been ready to go with this pipeline. I applaud him.

What are the secret intentions with regard to US policy in Ukraine? Is the representative making the case, that war is imminent and unavoidable and required? Or, is he just interested in that, due to personal disliking of the president of the largest nation in the world, speaking from a frank dislike and disrespect for him that echoes Ms. Timoshenko sentiment?
Will it be suggested that conflict in Ukraine is welcomed by Ukraine? Will their vote to join Russia be disrespected? The last question has already been answered by todays and yesterdays events.
I find rhetoric from Mr. Royce and some other representatives like that of New York, to be unsubstantial and a way to quickly put down and define in a framework of language, exactly what should be considered disloyal Americans; the orchestration of Putin, from America. I have no appetite for adventures against the largest nation in the world. It’s tough enough trying to figure the motives and behaviors that is America at the end of each day. Trying to bring down my own country is not on my agenda any more than it is Russias in my view. Those of us who want to live without complications further, count on politicians not to turn on us – and we count on them to be very specific about just who they’re accusing of military comanding. Rather, it is to (as difficult as it might be for you) reflect the true opinions of all you are elected to represent, who have no beef in America with Russia.

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