US delivered Brussels speech

Big talk and veiled threat was heard from the US president in Brussels this week.

A so-called “change of course” that the US president speak of in Brussels
today, that he stipulate to Russian president V. Putin, translates (in clear text) to something of this sort:
in my own words- “If I get insecure enough, I’ll call on NATO to threaten regional stability in Europe.
And we all know you don’t want that… wink, wink”. Truth we all know: Europe doesn’t want that, and America does not need that anymore than Europe.

Since I am American, I can see that there are really very few people in America who seriously wish to impose sanctions or “isolate” more nations (or the same ones we always do) for increasingly longer periods of time. In doing so, I testify that we have isolated ourselves. And no one in the public streets or discourse calls upon our president to do so.
That attitude hurts us financially and it’s unfortunate how easily our leaders go that route on our “behalf”:
Very few people in America are crazy enough to really want war against Russia. So, if it happens, remember back, and be assured it would not be reflective / in accordance with popular American opinion 2014.
Americans would be far more in favor of the economic ties with Europe, based not as heavily so much on north Atlantic militarism, rather on economic free trade that has been stalling (all be it not all at US blame) but
curiously lagging.

Maybe it’s a time not to talk so big about military power. It seems we can move forward in a positive direction now that all powers have stated their warnings and threats, wink wink. Hopefully staring contests won’t be required as the common citizens like me wish to get on with this and move forward – with hopes and dreams that traverse the Atlantic.

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