Trying to keep posts (free) for you to read!

Dear reader. Thank you for your interest in my blog. I find growing numbers reading my posts and that is great! It encourages me to speak evermore!

I have recently “auditioned” with “” to permit advertising. While advertisements can be annoying to readers, I don’t believe that they will obstruct my posts. Also, receiving advertising funds will sustain the publishing of my posts financially. I had considered programming posts, to be blocked and visible only to paid subscribers. In essence, you would see posts “grayed out” unless you purchase the text. ie. you like the title of a particular post and wish to read onward. However you cannot until you have made a payment. While this is one solution for me, I would rather simply have advertising throughout my blog.

Here’s the catch! You have to be in large enough numbers as readers, for “” to even permit me to host advertisers. So, since at this time, this alternative seems most workable for a number of reasons and business models, I ask you to humbly and most emphatically, to return the favor for a lot of free postings…. recommend my blog to as many of your friends as possible!

I sure would appreciate that and we can continue in this way! I enjoy writing posts to engage, inform, and create a more cohesive society that we all call home. So won’t you please help me out? My goal is to jump to a significant number of readers overnight!

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