Did you happen to see the Conelo / Mayweather boxing match up?

A few brief comments about a major recent boxing match: Mayweather vs. Conelo, hosted recently in Las Vegas, was a match-up in boxing, that played out in the ring for the maximal number of rounds. While watching a significant amount of the bout, it was hard to believe that Conelo did not get the jury prize for the fight. Forcing Mayweather into a defensive location throughout most of the fight, attacking with comparative dominance, and not being hit with any real substantial blows in any significant lasting endurance, it seemed peculiar that Conelo did not get the jury backing. Statistics showed a seemingly small percentage of landed punches for Conelo, but those that did hit were large. That was my view. Moreover, number of connected blows compared is more important than the percentage of landed blows compared accross the fighters. By thowing more punches, landed blows by comparison shrink in %, but that does not determine who landed more blows. Did you see it that way too? Was that done?

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