Iraq and China? Who’s the elephant in the room?

Here’s something I was thinking about just recently while watching people talk about Gitmo captives and “Fox’s” current fear stoking against China. I don’t quite know the details, but this is interesting food for thought, thanks to “Fox News” and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s show. Let me start with my own re-cap, in addition to what they said. First, for those of you who don’t know, when Bill Clinton was president of the United States, Osama Bin Ladin was on the FBI’s most wanted list. I know this because I looked at the FBI site myself before 9-11 2001.
There I saw his picture. Ok, so years later, Bin Ladin organized the world trade center devastation by using his terrorist organization and the Saudi nationals carried it out. No new information there, except that Bin Ladin was also Saudi and many people think he’s Iraqi? No I’m sure they don’t, but let’s remember that Bush decided to finish a war with the middle-east that started when we began seeing unfavorable oil deals for our country. And, the Cheney/Bush presidency had the excuse (9-11-2001) to unleash havoc on Iraq… more specifically, the king of Iraq. Ok, that much is also clear by a now modest stretch of the imagination, if we get into his brain. Then to examine, is our relationship to China, now. Why China? Well because North Korea is threatening us. “Fox News” told me that North Korea is incredibly dependent upon China for its survival. Thus, China can manipulate North Korea to threaten the US in any way it pleases. Why would China do this? Well, because the US can no longer afford to pay China for its exports to the US. Why is that scary? Well because China has just lent the president a lot of money again. And, if that weren’t enough, China also could, if it wanted to, fund middle-eastern terrorists who despise the relatively socially permissive “West”. Not that they all do, but this is a potential threat. North Korea and a middle-eastern, African, or maybe even Indonesian terrorist who becomes a Chinese funded mercenary… scary. Impoverished people can take desperate measures at the hand of a wealthy mob boss, continents away. The sad thing in my view, is that we’ve supported China financially and their booming populace by buying their products. We owe them nothing. We’ve paid them for their products and this is a free market global economy. So if China wants to threaten us by using Africa, or North Korea, or ???? They’re not playing fair and this is a scary notion. But, is this worth losing sleep over. It depends upon how true my speculations and those of “Fox” news are. And how serious are we about limiting our gas consumption, and paying down our debts. What factor does China’s currency manipulation play? Long live the USA.

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